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Words cannot describe how this Book-LITERALLY Changed my Life!! I’ve read this book Consistently 6 mths in a ROW and what I now KNOW it’s something that was TRULY a GOD SENT for me in a Time of NEED I literally only needed to READ 3-4 mins in the morning to jumpstart my day before on my Way!
It helped me so much-I’ve purchased close if not more than 60 books and gave them away and I’ve watched others lives change for the BETTER as well…If you miss the time or a day- GRACE-Get back on Track and You’ll be PRAISING GOD OFTEN as I do because of the MANY BLESSINGS and LESSONS! Thank you Dr. JAMERSON and your Beautiful WIFE-Your Obedience writing this Book at a Level to defeat any Size devil has changed my LIFE for the BETTAH! ❤️❤️😁
Annette M. Cobb

Great read to start the day off. Definitely will keep in rotation.

Moments of Meditation
Beatrice Clark
Moments of meditation

The book of meditations is great. It is informative, reassuring, acts as a teaching tool and it is not condescending. Everyone should get one and allow your soul to be enriched.

Moments of Meditation
Stephen Cooper
A blessing through the wilderness

I thank God for keeping you in my life.

On Time

31 days to fruitfulness

Love it.

I'm glad I purchased this.
This is my 3rd day and I feel love, chosen. Can't wait what is coming as I read more.

Moments of Meditation
Lakisha Stewart
Great devotions

I’m am enjoying the devotions.i received the book on August 1st so just in time to start with day 1. I love that the devotions are clear and easy to understand while encouraging you on every life situations. Excellent book to read for daily inspiration and motivation to continue to rest in Gods word.

An Amazing Author and friend. Highly recommended book to read. God bless the Author and all that reads it.

Moments of Meditation

This book has been a big blessing into my life at the right moment. Each day that I have been reading it has been an on time word truly from God. The think on these things is the plus to each reading because it gives you time to reflect on what you have read and what can you do to work on those things or reflect. I really recomend it.

A great Book all around!!

I really am really enjoying the meditational read and how he adds the referring scriptures and things to think on at the end was a nice touch and once you consume the word and understand what Pastor Myron is conveying to you,you then need apply it to your everyday day life so you can grow more in the Lord.Moments of Meditation is very enlightening.

Moments of Meditation

Wonderful Book!

Wonderful Book! Will continue to read more and more!